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Etiquette today is not just about how you hold a teacup. It is a powerful tool that can change your personal and professional life and the lives of those around you. When you know and follow etiquette rules and traditions, you demonstrate respect, you build personal and business relationships more easily and your life flows more smoothly. Civility and Courtesy are the essential qualities which hold society together in today's complex and changing world. Your manners are your beauty. Embrace good manners!


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A word from our students

  • Adult Finishing school workshops at ADS etiquette academy are amazing. I learnt so much from personal branding, art of accessorizing to poise & deportment. It transformed me completely enhancing my confidence and morale. Will love to go again for more workshops.

    Sonal Mahajan
  • I attended First Impression and Body Language workshops at ads academy which were so informative and beneficial. I came to know how small gestures like a greeting or a smile can have an enormous impact. Thank you Mam for such wonderful classes.

    Nidhi Jain

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