As we know pandemic has changed the lifestyle of the whole world. The most important thing right now is ‘Safety’ and safety comes before etiquette. Little humour, trick, politeness and respect will make things easy and this tough time shall pass. Sometimes people stand very closeby in an elevator or a friend leaning in very closely, the right thing in this situation is to inform the person who has the authority to correct people. When it comes to your friends or relatives you can certainly take help of humour: “I would love to shake hands but lets wait till 2021.” Also a self-deprecating approach works here: “I am a bit bonker so can you wear your mask.”

Many people don’t bother to wear mask or don’t maintain right distance, in those cases why to annoy them, the best way is to protect yourself so walk away. Aim to be six feet apart which is about two adult arm lengths.

A person has to be disciplined & dignified for himself taking all precautionary measures and kind & patient for those who don’t follow rules. Coming to greetings as we know it is not advisable to shake hands so put a smile on your face and be a Prince or Princess doing Royal Waves. Our facial cues do not convey proper message so hand gestures play a great role when we interact. Be compassionate as everyone is affected financially, emotionally or physically. Listen to one another and help those in need. Small gestures of kindness will make huge difference.

You can decline invitations too in a polite manner. “We really would have loved but we are not taking any chances.” Changing your RSVP from yes to no is the need of the hour as this deadly virus is contagious. Also the virtual meetings and webinars require etiquette. To mention few important ones: show up on time, turn off your webcam & mic, if you are taking a webinar- stick to the time frame, practice & rehearse if you are going to present something, mind your body language which should be in sync with your words.

Lastly as your face and upper body is visible, look professional for meetings and be well-groomed with nicely combed hair. Women can do basic natural make up, nice earrings or a statement necklace will enhance their look more. An elegant scarf will add charm to their personality. To control your anxiety or stress levels, meditate, pray, exercise, listen to music, do charity etc. whatever gives you peace of mind. This is a temporary phase so be emotionally intelligent and bounce back with resilience and determination.

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