Feeling grateful and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward. It was my daughter’s birthday and these days schools don’t allow giving birthday gifts, when she came back from the school she showed me hand-made cards given to her in the class. Few cards had happy birthday written in beautiful calligraphy, 3D cakes & flowers decorated with pearls, ribbons etc. Everyone wrote something on the card to the best of their ability, it was such an emotional moment for me reading those beautiful lines. Nowadays everyone corresponds through mails, WhatsApp, text messages etc. but believe me hand-written correspondence is timeless. When we thank anyone or pen down our feelings for that person, it strengthens our bond as we took out time for it. Positive psychology research has proved that such gratitude exercises help in improving mental health and wellbeing of both sender and the receiver. 

Let’s pick up our pens and send handwritten cards or letters to our loved ones which will be treasured for years.

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