Poise is how elegantly or gracefully we carry or present ourselves. There are a lot of words associated with poise like deportment, demeanor, elegance etc. Trust me if you make a conscious effort you can cultivate poise. Fake it till you make it. But at the same time there has to be an awareness of the essential components of poise. Poise is a beautiful combination of intellectual poise and physical poise where both of them complement each other. Intellectual poise is maintaining your calm composure especially during difficult times. Be compassionate and consider the feelings of others what we say empathy. Learning etiquette will polish your poise and you will leave a positive lasting impression on everyone. Be a good listener and a great conversationalist acquiring a well rounded repertoire of conversational topics through books, magazines, television etc. Physical poise means having positive body language which includes perfect posture, balancing energy, taking impeccable care of appearance and maintaining proper hygiene.


Stand tall and walk gracefully in measured steps like a ballet dancer whose every movement is smooth and purposeful; firm yet soft. Grooming plays a crucial role no matter how expensive is your attire. Poise people are neat & tidy and wear well-fitted clothes. A sincere smile, firm handshake and a good eye contact will make you appear a self-assured person. Poised people do not take stress about future or lament about past. Be in the present moment and try to find the silver lining in all challenging situations. Poise should not be reserved when interacting with particular people or situations but should be there in your everyday lives. Have both a mental and physical mastery over yourself to be poised. When you practice the tips above you will soon be vibrant, elegant, confident and thought of as a person full of poise.


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