Networking allows you to build good bonds and networks of people who can help you promote your business, promote your company, resolve problems etc. Networking has great importance and can benefit you a lot if done with discipline and grace.


* You are there to meet people which is the entire purpose of the event. It is not the time to sell your product or service, if someone shows interest you can promise to follow up the next day. But do prepare an elevator pitch that conveys what you do and why people should choose you over your competition. In case someone wants more information, you must present yourself nicely in less time.

* If you manage to leave positive impression on people they will love to be in touch with you and nurture the relationship in future. Enter the room with a warm smile and an approachable demeanor. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and make an eye contact.

* Be a good listener and indulge in topics where everyone feels included and has something to contribute.  Building good rapport is the most important thing which requires both calm composure & positive demeanor.

* If there is a dress code mentioned on the invitation, follow it. Wear fitted & well ironed clothes, subtle jewelry with impeccable grooming, avoiding funky tees, tight clothing or bold jewelry. Be elegant!

* After building a good rapport now is the time to request for a business card or ask them if you may offer a card to them. Never ask a person at a higher hierarchy for their business card.

* After the networking event send a hand written letter or an E-mail showing professionalism to clients or stay in touch with your networking contacts by sending articles that are related to their businesses, wishes for birthdays, festivals etc.

As the old cliche goes “First impression is the last impression.”

Networking etiquette will give you the power to influence people with your charisma and negative networking etiquette can tarnish your relationships.

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